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Does this change in prescription warrant a new pair of glasses?

My prescription has changed from: R: Sphere +0.25/ Cylinder -1.00/ Axis 102 L: Sphere +0.50/ Cylinder -1.75/ Axis 61 to this new one: R: Sphere +0.50/ Cylinder -1.00/ Axis 103 L: Sphere +0.50/ Cylinder -2.25/ Axis 66 Is this a big enough change to warrant a new pair of glasses?

Answers (2)

  • enycelilbabii

    It's quite a small change, not significant in the right but a little greater in the left. If you notice a slight blurr in the left eye with your present prescription then it may be worth changing, but it will do you no harm to continue as you are.
  • Charles Joseph

    Referring to your prescription, I think you do not need to change for a new pair of eyewear because your prescription is just slightly changed. You need not to worry about it. Theoretically, if your strength does not reach to +/-100, it is not need to wear eyeglasses. Otherwise, it will increase the burden of the ciliary muscle.

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