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Sara scott

Why my new glasses make me feel dizzy and gave me a bad headache?

I got my ready to wear eyeglasses from Walmart about three months ago, for the past three months and a week of wearing them. I don’t have any problems because the vision was perfect, very comfortable and I love it. But lately, it makes me feel dizzy and gave me a bad headache, why?

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  • Jose joyce

    It is true that there is generally an adjustment period for new eyewear. It shouldn't take more than a week to adjust,if it doesn't, you had better make an appointment to see your eye doctor and have the prescription checked out.
  • Ariana oliver

    Perhaps since there's a changes now with your vision and the prescription on that eyeglasses doesn't work well with you, back to the eyeglasses store where you bought your glasses to see the cause of your problem.
  • Grace

    The refractive index of your glasses can definitely give you a headache. I'm a 1.50 and cheap glasses give me headaches, but the expensive ones don't. if it's a new prescription for you, can you try wearing it in small amounts? When i started wearing Reading glasses, I couldn't wear them all day.

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