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Kimberly quick

Is it possible to buy corrective lenses and put them into my RayBan sunglasses Wayfarers?


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  • Heather Kirk

    It will also depend somewhat on your prescription, my very high one limits the frames I can have because they need enough heft to support the lenses and the amount of curve needs to be roughly compatible. Most likely you wouldn't be able to get lenses put into crazy wrap-around Oakleys or something, but those look promising. If your prescription is very high the lenses will be very thick at the edge - if you usually wear smaller glasses they might surprise you.
  • handyhands

    It mostly depends on the RayBan sunglasses wayfarers you have. Some RayBan glasses can not be refitted with prescription lenses because that the eyepiece can not be opened to fit in with prescription lenses. If the RayBan have a screw on the eyepiece that can open the eyepiece, then a lens can be put in the frame. If it does not, then it can not be refitted. Hope this helpful.

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