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How much do monthly contact lenses cost with vsp insurance?

I just got contact lenses today, and I love them. I was just wondering how much I will have to pay. I have vsp insurance They are soft, monthly clear lenses I get them at Pearle Vision I don't know what brand they are, sorry If anyone could tell me this it would be helpful, thanks!

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  • easilyfixed

    Generally VSP offers you a certain amout of money for the contact lens fitting and the boxes of contacts. The amount is usually between $100 and $150. To caculate what your cost will be, you can login into and find out what your allowance is. Take the allowance and subtract your fitting cost (if you used a vsp provider for your contact fitting). Then take the cost of the boxes from what's remaining. The difference will be your cost. The cost of the boxes depend on the brand and where you get the from. A chain or independent retailer can set their own prices.

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