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What is near PD for eyeglasses?


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  • Jack

    PD stands for you pupillary distance. This is the distance between your two eyes when you are looking at something near (near PD) or in the distance (distance PD). It is circled on your prescription because your glasses need to be made up for close work and so the lenses will need to be glazed to so that the optical centres of the lens matches your near PD. This will give you the best vision as you will be looking through the correct part of the lens
  • Joseph campbell

    I have seared and find the answer for you, you can open the link and find the detailed answer.
  • Elijah leslie

    Actually, the near Pd is only available for you when you would love to get a pair of Reading glasses. It means that the PD is used for seeing near. Hope this helpful.

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