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Savannah percy

How to apply stick on bifocals?


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  • Isabel cook

    Stick on bifocals can be an inexpensive way to turn your single vision glasses into bifocals. Wash your hands, glasses and stick on bifocals with soap that DOES not contain lotions or oils. Use clean warm water to apply the stick on bifocals.Try on the glasses to make sure the bifocals are in the correct spot, the vision might be a little blurry until the stick on bifocals have dried. It is best to leave them to dry overnight! These stick on bifocals can be reused and can be trimmed to custom fit your glasses.Hope this helpful.
  • Andri

    The removable "bifocal" lenses that you can put anywhere on your sunglasses or prescription glasses. These are really neat. They are easy to apply and remove. To apply you simply wet them and press them where you want them on your glasses. The molecular attraction of the lenses cause them to adhere (the water is used to make sure the reading lenses make complete contact with your lenses and that there are no air pockets to cause distortion). They can be removed by peeling them off, and reused again and again.

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