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Daniel Baek


A leaf went in my eye and i can't get it out. What should I do?

I've tried every method, to wash ot with water or eye wash and none of them work. It's this leaf that's feels like it stuck in the back of my right eye and keeps poking me on the right side of the eyeball only sometimes and it is really bothering. I slept for one day but it's still there.

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I also can't see it.


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  • Zoe


    Firstly, I feel so sorry to hear that. So here you can use a cotton swab to remove any object or substance that has been moved to a flap of skin while flushing the eye with water. If the foreign object is no longer on the eye itself, it's okay to try to wipe the object away with a cotton swab.Be careful not to wipe the eye itself with a cotton swab. The safest thing to do is to flush your eye with water, not try to scrape the object away with a swab. Or you can remove an object from the white part of the eye with a wetted tissue paper. If you see an object on the outer, white part of your eye, or inside an eyelid, try wetting a piece of tissue paper and touching the end of it directly onto the object you want to remove. The object should adhere to the tissue paper.This method is less recommended than flushing your eye with water, as it will cause some irritation on your eye. This is common and not a cause for worry.
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  • hall


    Usually if you get something in your eye, your eye will tear up and wash out the foreign body. Sometimes, though, something gets in your eye and you can't quite get it out. A couple of health and safety warnings before we get whatever it is out of your eye. First off, be careful not to stratch your corneas. A scratched cornea can be quite painful and take a couple of days-if not longer- to heal. Be careful, and don't go poking around in your eye with anything that has any kind of sharp tip. Also, be sure to wash your hands so you don't give yourself an eye infection.If you have anything embedded in your eye and can not get them out with the above method or just by yourself, you need to head to the ER or your doctor's office.