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where can I find a low-cost eye exam?


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  • crazyforluke

    Finding a low-cost eye exam can be extremely easy, especially if you know where to search for one. Eye exams are available through several different venues and can range in price depending on the eye doctor you want to visit. Places that offer eye examinations are independent eye doctors, eye departments of a multidisciplinary medical clinic, group eye care practices, and optical retailers or optical shops that employ an affiliated optometrist.Eye exams generally range anywhere from less than $50 at a retail store or optical chain to more than $100 at a medical clinic or private eye doctor's office. In addition, eye examinations that include fittings for contact lenses are usually more expensive than those that simply require your eye doctor to update your eyeglasses prescription.
  • Kally

    Walmart has always been the cheapest that I found. Depends if you need contacts or just glasses. An exam for contacts is almost double. Good luck!
  • Anna

    The eye exam at Walmart should be very cheap and they also have some pretty cheap glasses too. I have better experience here, the eye doctor is nice as well, if money is a major problem for you. I high recommend them to you.

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