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Austin garcia

How can I get rid of redness from wearing contact lenses?

I wear contact lenses for about 13-15 hours a day and ive been getting like these red wavery veins from the outer side of my eyes. It could be from wearing contact lense too long , and maybe because the lenses itselfs making my eyes red. I hate it everytime i put them on, my eyes dont look clear and white. I also notice other people that wear contact lenses but their eyes look natural and pretty with no sign of redness/ veins. So what should i do ?
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  • walkietalkie131

    Maybe it has something wrong with hard lenses. Those contacts sucked all the tears out of your eyes, which makes your eyes too dry and cause your redness. If your eyes are not dry, you could switch to soft lenses. If your redness is caused by wearing the contact lenses for too long. It is recommended not to wear contacts more than 8 hours a day, and take them out and let your eyes rest for a while.We suggest you see your optometrist and get some eyedrops for them.

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