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Noah harris


How bad is it to wear contact lenses beyond the recommended use?

I have extended wear contact lenses (I think that's what they are called) that can be worn every day for 2 weeks. Then I'm supposed to dispose of them and use a new pair. I usually only wear them when I work out which is about 2 hours a day. I'm on my last pair of lenses and don't have the money to get new ones yet. How much longer could I wear them? And what could happen if worn too long?
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  • Arianna smith


    Wearing contact lenses for too long may get eye infections. If it is serious enough, it may get eye ulcers and must get surgical removal of lenses. Since you don't wear them all the time and only wear them for several hours per day, I think you are not in the situation above. However I do suggest you see your eye doctor and ask for advice from him or her. Tell them about your concerns and they will give you the proper advice.