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Kyle ja


What kinds of contact lenses could I wear if I have irregular astigmatism?

I know I have astigmatism in one eye (from corneal scarring due to an abrasion), and I think it is irregular because it was from eye injury. Would soft toric contact lenses help correct it, or do I have to wear RGP lenses? Also, would it get worse if I leave it uncorrected?
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  • Melissa warren


    GPs are the primary way to correct for irregular astigmatism, which may be the result of diseases like keratoconus or seen after a cornea transplant or other surgery.? Again the tears fill the space between the lens and the irregular cornea making for a smoother optical surface andcrisper vision. Beyond GP, the hybrid lenses, which either have a soft lens surround (or skirt) with a rigid central portion or the lens, are made of a stiffer soft lens material.? Lens designs such as these try to combine the benefits that each lens has to offer and may be best for a difficult to fit eye, like one with irregular astigmatism. Source: