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Christina lewis

Where can I find thin pink mirrored sunglasses?

Maybe like these, but pink/dark pink and mirrored. I need sunglasses without traditional frames.

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  • Zachary clark

    You may try amazon. They have good things that you want. HOTLOVE Luxury quality sunglasses UV400 Sunglasses P1863 Black -Trendy Fashion Everyday Apparel for Women & Men UV400 Lens Technology, absorbing over 99% of harmful UVA and UVB spectrums. Smart design to fit your face curve. Absolute comfort for everyday wear. Extremely stunning and stands out fashionably. FREE 1x leather protective pouch Source(s):¡­
  • Vivid

    All right, there are lots of places that sell them, but it would cost you a lot of time searching for them through the town. Thus, I have got some recommendations to you, maybe you could see a lot of mirrored sunglasses over there. Yes, Amazon, where the stuff is of great quality and their prices are quite affordable. Here is the link, hope you find this useful.

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