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murphy Alexa


Is your contact lens prescription same with your glasses prescription?

I ever wore glasses,and now I want to exchange for contact lenses. When I go to an eye doctor , he just look at my glasses and then make my contact lenses according to the prescription of my glasses.When I get home and have my contacts on, I can't see clearly.
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  • Aaron leonard


    First they usually take your glasses to do a measurement with your glasses with a measuring instrument, then they will give you an eye exam which is based on the existing measurement of your glasses. Usually the contact lens prescription is not the same as the glasses prescription. The contact lens prescription is stronger than regular glasses. If you can't see with the contacts that they made for you, then you should tell them and let them re-test your eyes.
  • charlene1o2


    No, the prescription of eyeglasses is different from that of contact lens. I had met the same problem as you.When I put them on, I always got headaches. You should go see your eye doctor to check your eye again.
  • jimjames


    They are different.Your contacts place on your eyeball while your glasses a little far from your eyeball, which makes a difference.
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