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oliver Ariana


What will the eye doctor do if I need contact lenses?

I am going to get contacts.What will the eye doctor do if I tell him I want to wear contacts?
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  • Connor lester


    First they'll give you an regular exam and then they'll see if you can wear contacts. If you can wear contacts, then they check your prescription and check to see how much of they contacts insurance will cover. After you get your contacts, they'll show you how to use them, like putting them in and taking them out. Finally they will ask you to try them to see whether they are suitable for you. If do, you can take them back.
  • elite_couture


    If you are qualified to wear contacts, the eye doctor will give you a test to get your prescription of your contact lenses.Then they will make your contact lenses according to your prescription.
  • Rebecca


    Firstly, you need to get your eyes tested to see whether you can wear your contact lenses or not. If you can, your eye doctor will give you your prescription for contacts. Hope this helpful.
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