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warren Jacqueline

Any recommendations for a new swimming goggles?

I am on a swim team and I need new goggle. I am kind of picky with goggles. I have tries swedish goggles and I like Speedo googles a lot also.Please help me figure out or narrow down my choices to witch goggles i should get please.
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  • Jada rodney

    Personally, I like Speedo googles best. They work great for swimming sports. I hear that someone wear Speedo googles while swimming. When he got out of the pool, he had rings around his eyes from his goggles, but they stay in place! Hope help you.
  • Zoe Wang

    EyeSight Hawaii

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    When starting out in swimming there is nothing more frustrating than trying to find the swim goggle that is just right for you. Each swimmer has a different list of requirements for their ideal pair. Gererally, Speedo Vanquisher is more popular.

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