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Jean Caster

can reading glasses be made into sunglasses

I wear a pair of reading glasses, can it be made into sunglasses so that I can read well when go outdoors? This question always bothering me, I appreciate the useful answer, thank you.

Answers (2)

  • Joanne McAlpine

    Yes, you can. You can choose wrap-around sunglasses and input your prescription for reading. You can also choose regular eyeglasses frame, input your prescription for reading and choose the tinted/gradient tinted color lenses to make you a pair of sunglasses.
  • campbell

    Yes. Of course, you can get that sunglasses. Some people called it reading glasses. Personally, i suggest you to buy prescription sunglasses with gradient lenses. That sunglasses can be made according to your vision needs. They can provide you good vision aids. Besides, the gradient lenses design can prevent strong sunlight, but also provide you comfortable and clear vision to read. Hope this can help you.

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