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Edward White

Are non prescription glasses good as prescription glasses?

Are non prescription glasses inferior to prescription in quality? My clear glasses broke easily, but my sister's is also in good condition. ( her's prescription glasses)

Answers (2)

  • Susie Washington

    The only difference is on the lenses, for non prescription glasses the lenses on it is with no prescription, but for prescription glasses is fitted with your own prescription. And the quality of the lenses differs according to you choice and requirment for your usage. That is to say, there is no difference betweent the frames in non-prescription glasses and prescrioption glasses.
  • Jordan Brown

    Absolutely not. non prescription glasses can also be of high quality. There are so many high quality non prescription glasses available. I guess you didn't buy quality non prescription glasses. If you buy higher quality non prescription glasses, maybe your sister's Rx glasses will be broken before yours.

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