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Angelica giles

Will plain lens glasses be harmful to your eyes if you are just wearing them for fashion?

I have good eyesight and no need to wear glasses , but I am considering buying glasses as an accessory.Will they be harmful to my eyes?
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Answers (4)

  • cupidityx

    If you wear plain glasses correctly, they won't damage your eyes. Some cheap plain glasses may cause damage to your eyes if you wear them for a long time. So you'd better wear them at most 4 hours a day when you wear plain glasses for fashion. What's more, you should do some eye exercises often to relax your eyes.
  • Katelyn smith

    No, you can feel ease to wear them and they will not be harmful to your eyes.But make sure there is no prescription on your lenses otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable or even dizzy when wearing it and your eyes will be adjusted to that prescription.
  • James taylor

    Of course not,but the clarity of your vision may be affected when you look through the lenses.Some bad quality glasses can cause distortion to your eyes.So choose a reliable store to buy.
  • Katelyn

    They will not harm your eyes,but if you wear them too long,you may get some pressure on your nose.So it is better to take them off for minutes.

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