How is your vision the first few days after LASIK surgery?

I have a high astigmatism and was recommended to have lasik surgery. But I heard that it can take up to 6 months before your vision is stabilized. Can anyone who has done the surgery before tell how longl was your recovery time? Can you see better right away ?
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  • Nat

    During the first few days after Lasik surgery, your vision may be blurry and your eyes may be sensitive to light.So you'd better wear a patch over your eyes while sleeping.Sometimes you will feel some pain in your eyes for the first few days.Remember not to rub your eyes and eyelids after lasik surgery.During the first few days, you should visit your doctor to examine your eyes and test your vision.
  • dale

    Most people will see things clearer within the first two days.Actually the recovery time from having Lasik surgery varies, some of them would take months to be recovered. It depends on various factors, for example, the skill of your Lasik surgeon and the type of refractive procedure performed. It usually takes two and seven days to achieve good vision. However, full recovery from Lasik surgery may take at least six months.
  • Katelyn smith

    Actually you can feel your vision is better right after the surgery and can use your eyes as normal the next day. But there may be discomfort for some people like blurry vision or being sensitive to light,it will be fine several days later.
  • b3hind_blu_eyes

    Your vision may range a lot during the first month depending on the intensity of using your eyes,so you should avoid overusing your eyes.The more care you pay to them,the better you can recover.The vision are expect to stabilize after 3 months. It may take 6 months for some people.
  • Saarah

    The recovery time depends on different factors,such as the patient's physiology,the aftercare of eyes and the skill of your Lasik surgeon .Generally it will take 3 months before the vision is stabilized. It may be longer if you don't pay much care to your eyes.

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