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Can I wear contacts after a lasik surgery?

My vision is so bad and I want to have Lasik surgery for permanent clear sight.but I like wearing contacts to make my eyes look is it possible to wear colored contacts after a lasik surgery?
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  • crazyuglycoyote


    After lasik surgery, you should wait for 6 months so that your eyes have enough time to heal. Once your eyes are healed, you can visit your optometrist and let him check your eyes to see whether your eyes can wear contacts or not. Then take your doctor's advice.
  • gerard


    You can wear them as long as your eyes are in good condition.But usually you should wait several months when your cornea is completely recovered and your vision stabilize.
  • vicky liu


    i think it it better not to wear contacts after lasik surgery.wearing contacts is very easy to get infection ,especially fail to clean them or wear them too long .so i stongly suggest not to wear them after your lasik had this surgery,you got perfect healthy not wear them ,just enjoy your beautiful ,healthy eyes!!!
  • Victor Lee


    For your question, I advise you to wear contacts after your eyes are completely recovered. And that will take you for about two weeks in normal circumstances. Make sure you check with your doctor for approval to wear contacts after LASIK. In addition, I suggest you not wearing contacts for a long time, because the Oxygen permeability of the contacts is not so good.
  • Benson Dubois


    It depends on your eyes status after the surgery. You can go to see your opticials and ask them to check it for you see your optician and get them to check it to see if it is still available for contact lenses.
  • Camille yang


    It's better for you not to wear colored congtacts .Of cause,it's not because you got the surgery.The reason is that it is necessary for you to avoid infection.Colored congtacts are harmful for your eyes.After the surgery,you will get thinner corneas so that your eyes need to be protected more carefully.If it is a must for you to wear that,you should contact with your doctor before you wear that.I wish that my answer can help you .
  • Chen Rui


    In fact,wearing contacts after a lasik surgery is not a good idea unless get optometrist's permission.After 1 year,the doctor give you an assurence that you have no Cataract,even Glaucoma.then clear your contacts and obverse whether your eyes can adapt contacts.In this process,pay attention to personal hygiene.
  • Christopher dale


    You'd better have them examined before you wear contacts.If the doctor says your vision are perfect and there is no problem wearing them,then you can.
  • Jeff


    You'd better not wear contacts whether you have lasik surgery or not. Contacts will do no good to your eye health.
  • Nie Liyun


    The proposal had better not wear contacts on account of the scar left on your eyes after the surgery, which amount to unhealthy factors to your eyes. In addition, to the greatest extent, don't wear contacts in that you are not shortsightedness. After all, contacts are not as good as we hope. Nevertheless, you can wear once or twice in case of special needs. But you should remember not to wear too long.
  • jia gao


    First, you should measure your corneal curvature radius whether it is suitable for wear the contact. After three years, you don't have to worry about the union of your corneal scar. What you have to worry about is that your eyes could be very dry after the surgery, so wearing contacts will make your eyes feel much drier. If you are suitable for wearing contacts, I also suggest that you should only wear it only it is necessary.
  • sophia cheng


    After your lasik surgery, I believe you can't wear contacts right now! Due to hurting your corneal in the OPS,the corneal wound healing was evaluated postoperatively after 4and 6 weeks. especially, New MX is not impermeability, but also has thickness lens.these reasons will cause you corneitis and eyssight is bad !
  • Abid Omar


    No. Don't. Contact lenses exacerbate dry eyes. Lasik causes severe dry eyes. You are just making the matter worse.
  • Kalvin Micheal


    After lasik surgery, you ought to sit tight for 6 months so that your eyes have enough time to recuperate. Once your eyes are recuperated, you can visit your optometrist and let him check your eyes to see whether your eyes can wear contacts or not. At that point accept your specialist's recommendation. Do my Dissertation-Dissertation Corp
  • Samera Hall


    Please listen to me, I had LASIK around 6 months ago and tried to wear colored contacts for a special event. Everything went well but after 5 hours of wearing and trying to take it off, OHH GOSH it was painful. My contacts felt stuck on my eye and I almost couldn't get them off. I think they just dried out that quick on my eye. I think my tear production is still not back to normal and therefore advise you to visit your doctor first before wearing contacts. Do not follow my example, I really regretted it and it really hurt taking them off.
  • helen mark


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