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Jean Caster

Do semi-rimless eyeglasses last as long as regular rim glasses?

I know if one of the rim glasses lenses fall out of the rim, we can put it back. What about the rimless glasses? I don't think the rimless glasses can be put back if one of the lenses fall out. Does anyone know semi-rimless glasses last as long as rim glasses ?

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  • b0rn2bxcrazii

    Unless you sit on them or step on them , they will last as long as any other kind. The lenses aren't glued in btw...NO lenses are glued into frames. A nylon wire holds the lenses securely in place on the semi-rimless. Actually, lenses fall out of regular frames much more often than the semi-rimless.
  • Jaime

    If the lens is the same as that of the rim glasses, then the have the same lifespan. If the wire of the rim glassses fails, you can take them to the nearest optical store to have them restringed and then you can reuse them. So if you get the semi-rimless glasses,you'd better get either the polycarbonate lenses or high-index lenses.

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