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Cassidy bell

How to convert contact prescription to eyeglass prescription?

Here is my contact prescription Left: -2.00 Right: -1.75
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    the RX of contacts can be calculated from the RX of glasses.Here is a formula :Fo=Fs/(1-dFs).The Fo means your prescription of your contacts and Fs means the RX of glasses.dFs means the distance between rear vertex of glasses and your cornea.Usually the dFs should be measured by meter and it is 0.012m for easterners. To find out your eyeglasses prescription,you just need to change the formula a little. But as your strength is not high,the result should not vary a lot.It is almost the same as your contact prescription.
  • charlene1o2

    Yes,of course they can convert.There should be a formula to calculate it.Google it or call your doctor to ask.

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