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Kelsey McNew

Can i get tinted rimless glasses?

Can rimless glasses be tinted?
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Answers (4)

  • Melissa

    Yes,they can be tinted to any color you want.Just take you glasses to the local optical store and make your lenses tinted.
  • Joshua?hall

    Of course they can.Any optical store can do it.
  • Kristy

    Of course they can.It doesn't matter whether they are full frame or rimless.If you only want it tinted for fashion,you just need to add the color to it.It would cost less than $10 and can be much cheaper in some online stores. But if you want it to have UV protection,you need to ask the optical store to put an anti-reflective coating on it.
  • Myra Taylor

    Getting the glasses tinted has nothing to do with whther they have frames or not because they just tint the glasses lenses.You can choose any color you like to tint your glasses. The optician will do this for you if you take your rimless glasses to them and ask them what you want to do.

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