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Can wrap-around eyeglasses be made as blended progressives?

This is mainly for driving. I need correction for distance and for reading. I have difficulty turning my head, so when I look over my shoulder before changing lanes my vision is interrupted by the hinge on regular glasses, and/or by the distorted area in progressive lenses.

Answers (4)

  • warren

    No,as I know,there is no way to make the wrap-around eyeglasses to progressives.
  • elen_t

    No,wrap-around eyeglasses can't be made with the progressive lenses.It is because when you look around through the lenses,the wrap around frames would cause some distortion to your vision.
  • Mariah

    You'd better not do that way.Otherwise it will damage your vision.
  • walkinginstars

    I have never heard that.You should ask your doctor for advice.

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