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Should i wear my glasses all the time or just for distances?

I have astigmatism and nearsightedness.Lately when I see things far away,they were blurry, and also my left eye is blurry close and far.
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  • clarinetbandguy


    You should wear your glasses all the time, for your left eye is blurry both close and far.Furthermore, you have astimatism, it is better to wear glasses all the time. Your doctor's advice should be your first concern.
  • evelyn


    In my opinion, you should wear your glasses all the time, or your eyesight will get even worse.When you go to your optician, he will tell you what you should.You'd better take your doctor's advice.
  • Andrew bell


    If you have astigmatism,you need to wear them all the time ,otherwise you can easily get headaches
  • comingourloud


    For your case,you'd better wear them all the time as you have blurry vision,if not,your vision may degenerate faster.