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Will it damage my vision if I wear NON-prescription sunglasses with contact lenses ?

I just got my contact lenses,but I need to wear sunglasses outdoors,so I wonder whether it will affect my vision.

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  • handwithlighter

    Make sure the sunglasses are really non-prescription, or it will make your vision worse. It is safe for you to wear Non-prescription sunglasses with contact lenses. In addition, your eyes will get a dual protection, by doing this may unintentionally add UV protection to the lenses which most optical shops will do for a small fee.
  • Arianna walker

    No,it won't damage your vision. There are so many people who wear contacts wearing sunglasses over the contacts when they go outdoors.The contact lenses help you see clearly and the sunglasses can protect your eyes through blocking harmful rays.Wearing sunglasses is also a fashion trend. The only thing you should remember is to make sure the sunglasses have 100% UV protection.
  • Melanie

    There is no problem for you to wear like this.But for me,I would choose prescription sunglasses which is more convenient to wear.

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