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Can wal-mart put the lenses in the sunglassses if i have my prescription?

I want to buy some big frames of sunglasses, ,but I wonder if I can put the lenses in the sunglassses according to my prescription in Walmart.If so,how much would it cost?
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Answers (3)

  • Michael?griffin

    Walmart can do this for you. The costs depends on the styles, brand name and the types of lenses (add-ons /coatings, sunch as UV pretection coatings, polarized lenses,tinted lenses, etc.) that you choose. But the prices are much cheaper than that of brick and mortor stores.
  • Samuel

    I haven't get sunglasses from Walmart yet.So I don't know whether they can replace the lenses for you and I don't know the price of the glasses, either. You can go to Walmart to ask the worker about the detail information.
  • Calvin

    Yes they can.But the cost depends on the lenses you choose.If they are high index or with special coating,it can be more.I think it should cost no more than $100.

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