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What does pd stand for in glasses?

What does pd mean in glasses? I've just got my prescription from my dr and I saw pd on my prescrition script.
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  • Christina keith

    Your PD stands for Pupillary Distance, which is the distance between your pupils in millimeters, Your PD is very important for accurately fitting your lenses to achieve vision acuity. PD (OU), written as "62", means the Binocular PD which is for both eyes. PD (OD), means the Monocular PD for the right eye, PD (OS), means the Monocular PD for the left eye, A Monocular OD is written as two numbers, for example "32/30", "32" represents the PD for the right eye, and "30" for the left eye. Sometimes PD is written as "62/59" or they are labeled "Far" and "Near". Your PD is usually measured for distance vision, which is 'Far PD", or "62" in this example. For reading glasses, doctors measure your "Near PD" or "59" in the example.You may measure it with the help of your friend or by yourself in front of mirror. Learn more about PD, please check out at
  • Kaylee

    That is Pupillary Distance. It's the distance between your pupils in millimeters. Getting it right is one of the most important things in making glasses fitting perfectly your vision condition. There are basically three ways in writing PD. They are OU, which is for both eyes; OD, which is for the right eye and OS for the left eyes. PD can be measured with the help from one of your friends or just by yourself in front of a mirror. Good luck.
  • eisenstiefel

    People usually consider PD as Pupillary Distance which is the distance between your pupils in millimeters.
  • walkingintoyou

    It is the distance from the center of the pupil of the right eye to the center of the pupil of the left eye .It is measured to make sure the center of the lens is in accordance with the center of your eye.So it must be accurate in order to give you optimal vision.
  • Rebecca

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    Pupillary distance is an important measurement used to determine the proper lens shape and alignment of your prescription correction to your line of vision. Without an accurate PD measurement, correcting vision can be difficult since lenses need to be aligned over the center of your pupil for proper clarity.

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