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How much would it cost to get replace wayfarer sunglass lenses with my prescription ones?

I already asked eye masters if they could replace wayfarer sunglasses lenses with prescription ones and they said they could do it. How much would the lenses cost? $80? or more or less?

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  • Riley

    You can ask the eye master how much it will cost for making a pair of that kind of lenses for you too. If they can't give you answer, you can ask the opticians in any optical shops. If they can do that for you, they will definitely tell you the price. I think it will cost more than $100.
  • Alexandra

    I think that depends. Different opticians will charge you differently. And the prices may vary from different places because different places have different living standard. The opticians will set the price according to their living standard. I think you can buy a pair of new sunglasses online with $80 dollars.
  • crazycowgirl89

    I broke the lenses of my sunglasses by accident. Then I have them replaced. It just cost me $70 dollars in an optical shop. The stuffs in that shop are very friendly and helpful. If you are a current customer of that optical shop, you can get a discount. But sometimes it is difficult to cut a pair of lenses that can match your frame properly. So the lenses may deform and the vision will deform too.

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