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Is it safe to use the yearly contact lenses?

I know there are daily, monthly and yearly disposable contacts.Many people say it is best to wear daily contacts,but is it safe to wear yearly disposable contacts?
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  • walksal0ne


    It is best to wear daily disposable contacts, it is better to wear monthly disposable contacts and it is OK to wear yearly disposable contacts. If you maintain and clean them in proper way and clean your hands before wearing them, it is OK, Otherwise, yearly disposable contacts are much easier to be infected by the bacteria thus to cause eye diseases and infections.
  • walks_alone_


    As long as you take good care of them and you don't wear them during sleep, it is safe to use the yearly contact lenses. However, I would suggest you wear daily or monthly contact lenses.
  • Kelley


    Yearly disposable contacts are safe to wear if you pay much attention to the cleaness.