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Is there an eyewear to help relieve computer vision syndrome?

Any suggestions?
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  • Jade

    Computer Glasses are special glasses prescribed to lessen the symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome (CVS). CVS describes a group of symptoms caused by prolonged computer use. Symptoms appear because the eyes and brain react differently to words on a computer screen than they do to printed text. Symptoms often include eyestrain, dry eyes, headaches and blurred vision. Many people try to compensate for these vision problems by leaning forward or by looking down to see through the bottom portion of their glasses, often resulting in back and shoulder pain. Source:
  • Derek T.

    computer eyeglasses can help relieve CVS, because they are specifically designed for the distance from your eyes to the computer screen. Wearing computer glasses can reduce the eye strain during computer use. Some computer glasses can also prevent the radiation if you have an anti-radiation coating on the lenses.

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