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Makayla raphael

Will it damage your eyes to wear a regular contact lense if you have astigmatism?

I just had an eye exam and my doctor said I have astigmatism. But I've been wearing regular lenses all the time.But I really like my current contact lens.Will it be harmful if I continue to wear them?

Answers (3)

  • walgreens_1

    No, it will not be harmful to your eyes and would not damage your vision. But wear regular contact without correction to astigmatism would make your vision blurried accompanied with eye strain or headaches. You'd better wear contact lenses special made according to your prescription.
  • Jada oliver

    The regular contact lenses won't damage your eyes even if you have astigmatism. If your contact lenses are not used to treat your astigmatism, your vision will not be as clear as you wear the lenses for astigmatism. If you find objects blurry, you may get headache or eye strain. So I would suggest you wear contact lenses for astigmatism.

    If you have a small degree of astigmatism(less than -0.75 ),wearing regular lenses won't affect your vision much.If you have more than that, you will feel eye strain and blurry when you try to drive or do work at night.The toric lenses would help solve the problem.

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