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John C.

Will the Windex ruin the anti-glare coating?

I just got my new glasses with anti-glare coating.I used to clean my old glasses (without any coating ) with windex but I am afraid it will ruin the anti-glare coating.

Answers (3)

  • Paige williams

    The ANTI-GLARE COATING can get scratched easily if you don't clear it properly.It is not recommended to use Windex,soap or something that are too strong to clean it.
  • coldnd

    You may use the special cleaning cloth they provided you when you get your present glasses with anti-glare coating. Furthermore, wash it with clear water.
  • Steve

    Windex won't ruin the anti-glare coating as long as you mix them with water and soap your lens in them. However, windex alone may rub some grime into the lens.

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