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How can I get rid of red eyes without eye drops?

Every morning when I wake up,my eyes are bloodshot and red.How can I get rid of them without eye drops?
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  • Kate

    The first and most basic method you can try to get the red out of your eyes is to cool them down. Oftentimes, the eyes become red because they either become too dry or they lose their moisture. To bring your eyes to their normal state, you can use a cool soothing wash or compress. The easiest way is to use a cool, wet face cloth. Soak a clean washcloth in cool water for a few minutes. Then, lay it over your eyes and leave it there for a while. Whether your bloodshot eyes are from stress, viruses or allergies, this will soothe and cleanse them. Source:
  • Warren

    I used to put cold cucumber slices or warm teabags on my closed eye before go to bed every night. Remember not to rub them with your hands, especially dirty hands. They can help much on red eyes when you wake up.
  • Blanca C.

    Red eyes can be caused by other problems of your body,it is not always the eye problem.So see your doctor first and you may need take some medicine.
  • Trinity rose

    Try to put a cold wet washcloth when your eyes are closed right after going to bed.It does work for me.Hope these can help you also.
  • walker03andrea

    If you see any pink or wiggly red lines lie across the white surface of the eyes which are called sclerotic, it is the signal for you to know that you are suffering from red eyes. There are a lot of causes for red eyes, including corneal ulcer, smoking, ocular herpes, flu and eye lenses as well as pregnancy and lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation also results in floated eyes; however, it is the different problem of eyes. Depending on the reasons for red eyes, you have researches to find out what are the best treatments for this situation. You can use cucumber slices and apply them on your eyelids for about 10 minutes. The cucumber will make your eyes relaxed and soothed. You just need to close your eyes and relax, which can help to reduce the redness. The better result can be achieved if you store the cucumber in the refrigerator in order to make it cool.
  • charles

    Did you go to bed too late in every night? If we stay up too late in the night, we may get red eyes in the next morning. So I suggest you to go to sleep earlier next time. And you'd better not drink too much coffee before going to bed.
  • griffin

    If you sleep in contacts, you may get red eyes in the morning. And long time of using contacts will lead to red, itchy and dry eyes. So we should take off our contacts every night and we also shouldn't wear contacts for more than 8 hours in the daytime. You can apply artificial tears to lubricate your eyes when your eyes are red and dry. This will help relieve your redness. We know that artificial tears works as same as our tears so there won't be any side effect and discomfort.
  • Allison walker

    You can wash your eyes and face with cold water or apply a piece of ice on your eyebrow to calm down your irritated eyes. The coolness will make you feel better and can contract the blood vessels in your eyes. This will make the redness less noticeable.

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