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How to make my rimless glasses last longer?

It is said that rimless glasses can get broken easily,how can I prolong the life of rimless glasses?
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Answers (4)

  • Nicholas carter

    When you choose rimless glasses, you should pay attention to the screw. You must choose the screw which is shorter than the nasal inner surface of the lens. Then your rimless glasses will last longer.
  • candylndsuicide

    The rimless glasses can get broken easily cuz the srews sit directly on the lenses and can get loosed easily.Avoid hit on the lenses and dropping them on the floor.
  • ecxsrkes

    When you don't wear them,clean the dirt and grease on the nose pad and frame.
  • Robert ja

    Store them in the case when you don't need them and avoid hard things touching the lenses.

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