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Can eye drops take away the redness in my eyes?

I have a photo shoot coming up soon but I found there is some redness in the white part of my eyes. Can I use eye drops to remove them?What kind of eye drops should I use?
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Answers (3)

  • elpropio

    You can use the artificial eye drops, like visine, which you can buy them at any pharmacy. Don't use it too much, or it will bring side effects. If it doesn't work, you can go to your doctor to have a check. The doctor will give you some treatments.
  • harris

    You can go to the drug store and tell them your problem. The service staff there will give you some suggestions. Or you can see your doctor.
  • ELLIOTT Wallace

    It should depend on what cause the redness. If it is just the problem of overusing your eyes, you just need to get enough rest. If it is the eye disease, you should see the doctor.

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