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Is it normal for the contact solution to have a big smell?

I just bought a bottle of contact solution from the nearby store but it smells really bad. Is it normal for the contact solution to have a big smell?
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  • chronojwl


    Most of the contact solution have smells which are similar to that of eye drops. Different types of different solution have different smells. So it is normal to have that smell.
  • ctc_youth


    If the smell is similar to the eye drops, it is quite normal. Some brand contact solution can have smells but others may not. But if you feel uncomfortable when using it, you should change for new solution.


    yes. But first, you should call the shop where you bought the glass. If they said yes, you can take your glass to there. This is the best choice, but if they said no, you can contact with the manufacturer, that will be troublesome. And also, you can take it to any optical shop, ask them get your sunglass a new lense. that maybe more expensive. Hope helps.