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Are there any contact lenses that can reduce glare?

I often wear contacts and feel comfortable with them. But the problem is the glare in sunny days make me so annoyed. Are there any contact lenses that can reduce glare?
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  • Desiree


    I never heard that any contact lenses can reduce glare. The best way is to get a pair of polarized sunglasses which can reduce glare effectively. Or you can get a pair of glasses with an anti-coating on its lenses.
  • Dylan


    Some tinted contact lenses can reduce glare or light sensitivity by reducing the amount of light entering the eye. Some contact lenses can be provided with an ultraviolet (UV) filter. However, these lenses are not a replacement for ultraviolet (UV) filtering sunglasses. Also remember that contact lenses with UV filters may only protect the cornea and retina. They do not protect the conjunctiva, the eyelids and other outer portions of the eye.