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Why does eating carrots improve night vision?

I have heard that eating carrots can help improve night vision, and I wonder how does eating carrots have effect on night vision?

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  • Kristin

    Carrots are orange vegetables which is rich in carotenoids, like beta-carotene. And the body can convert beta-carotene to Vitamin A which can improve night vision. Eating a lot of Carrot can make our body get enough Vitamin A so that they can help improve night vision.
  • William edward

    Rhodopsin is important in color detection. Light-sensitive, purple-red organic pigment contained in the rod cells of the retina that allows the eye to see in black and white in dim light. It is composed of opsin, a protein, linked to retinal, a conjugated molecule (see conjugation) formed from vitamin A. So eating carrots which are high in vitamin A can help improve night vision. source:

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