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Michelle percy


What factors contribute to durability of glasses?

I am looking for a pair of glasses that can be used for many years, what factors should I take into account?
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  • Mya


    The durability of glasses depends on the material used. Plastic frames are fragile and most plastic frames will melt in a vey high temperature. And they are easy to lose the original shapes. In contrast, some metals are more durable, such as frames using titanium, stainless steel and Flexon. titanium frames are impact resistant. flexon frames can restore to their original shapes after twisting and bending.
  • Carlos quick


    To choose durable glasses, at first you should choose durable frames. Some memory mental frames are good and can hardly get broken. Frames using titanium, stainless steel and Flexon are more durable. Then you should consider the type of lens. If you play sports a lot, you should avoid glass lens. Polycarbonate lens is good but can get scratched easily. You need to add an anti-scratch coating on it.