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Isabel fergus

Is there any way to have eye muscles relaxed?

I often get eye strain when I read too much. I just want to relax my eye muscles through some effective ways. Is there anyone know how to relax eye muscles?
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Answers (2)

  • b3a2b3y

    Palming is a good way to relax eye muscles. When you get tired, you should stop to have a rest. Sit in a proper place and close your eyes and try to relax. Rub the palms of the both hands to get mild comforting warmth. Then cover your eyes with the warm palms. In this way, the heat from the hand presents energy to the eyes and have your eye muscles relaxed.
  • Debbie

    Eye muscle exercises are generally beneficial to the eyes and eyesight by relaxing eye muscles. A person can train the eyes targeting the ocular muscles. Some sports can help you relax eye muscles such as badminton and pingpong. You need to shift your focus from near to far and in this way the eye muscles can get enough relax.

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