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Which kind of contact lens can change the color of my eyes?

I want to change the color of my eyes, which kind of contact lenses should I get?
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  • califractal

    Actually, colored contacts use three types of tints: visibility tint, enhancement tint and color tint. Light blue or green visibility tints are used to make contacts more apparent while putting them on or removing them off. Unlike a visibility tint, an enhancement tint intensifies your eye color slightly using a darker color. They are solid and meet the need for some people. Color tints are favored by people with dark eyes but want to change their eye colors. These deep colors include hazel, green, blue, violet and grey. Costume or theatrical contact lenses belong to the third type, which always creates special effects in novelties and movies by changing the people's natural eye color.
  • Marc

    There are three types of tinted contact lenses: visibility tinted contact lens, color enhancement contact lenses, and opaque contact lenses. If you want to make your eyes look different, you should choose the opaque contact lenses.

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