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Edward White

Which food is good for recovery after glaucoma surgery?

I want to know which food is good to help one recover soon from the glaucoma surgery.
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  • Riley gary

    Honey is good to lower the eye pressure after cataract surgery. It is better to have light diet instead of greasy and spicy diet. Take more food high in Vitamin E and B such as soybeans, red dates, peanuts and so on.
  • emale2222

    There is no convinced evidence showing that foods or nutritional supplements can have effect on glaucoma or would be beneficial to the eye after glaucoma surgery. It is always reasonable to assume that the eye health will in general reflect the general health of the individual. The eye obviously does not live in isolation but lives in a person. Therefore, maintaining a healthy diet which is well balanced and nutritional may be of benefit.
  • Arianna griffin

    People who have got glaucoma surgery should take honey as much as possible because it can reduce the eye pressure, which is good for recovery after glaucoma surgery. These people should also eat food rich in vitamin E and vitamin B which can protect the eyesight, especially after glaucoma surgery.

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