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What are the symptoms of watery eye?

My child just got watery eyes in the morning. I don't know what happened to him. Would there be any other symptoms for this? I want to know the symptoms of watery eyes. Can you tell me?
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  • bell

    The most common symptoms of watery eye is excessive tearing, which may be even worse in a cold or windy day. You will also suffer other symptoms, like irritation of the eyelids, redness or lumps in the corner of your eye and blurry vision.
  • Lex

    If you get watery eyes, some other parts of your body will be affected. So you may suffer other common symptoms apart from excess tears. For example, you will get redness of the eyes or eyelids, burning feeling in your eyes, sneezing and running nose. So in order to prevent your watery eyes affecting other parts of your body, you'd better see your doctor immediately.
  • Katelyn smith

    Some people with watery eyes may experience serious symptoms, such as high fever, difficult breathing, eye pain, sudden change in vision, and loss of vision. In this case, you need immediate treatment.
  • Kaylee tuener

    When you have watery eyes, you may also have the following symptoms: 1.your eyes watering more when you're outside in the wind or cold weather 2.mucus, crusting or a sticky feeling in your eye 3.pain or swelling at the inner corner of your eye near the bridge of your nose and sore eyelid edges

    If the watery eyes happen all of a sudden, I think it caused by a small dust or other things in the eyes which is not noticed. Some watery eyes is caused by irritation or allergy. Try to wash your child's eyes several times. If the problem is still there, take him to the doctor.

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