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Jade scott

Can rubing eyes frequently lead to astigmatism?

When I feel itchy and uncomfortable in my eyes, I always rub them. Recent I have my eyes checked. The doctor tell me that I've got astigmatism. Can my astigmatism be caused by rubing eyes?
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Answers (3)

  • cute_lil_ambie

    Some experts indicate that rubing eyes frequently can easily cause astigmatism and lead to blurry vision. When rubbing eyes, we usually close our eyes, then the eye moves up and the pressure would gathered below the eye, which will cause changes of corneal radian below. Uneven corneal curvature can cause astigmatism.
  • Aaron may

    Yes. Rubing eyes frequently is a important cause of astigmatism. So often rubing eyes, especially for teenagers, can increase the risk of developing astigmatism. To protect our eyes, do not rub your eyes frequently.
  • Brandon cook

    Yes. It is possibly that rubbing eyes frequently can cause astigmatism. When rubbing eyes, you usually close your eyes , when the eye moves up, Ray Ban Rare Prints kneading pressure when would gathered below the eye, resulting in corneal radian of change below. Uneven corneal curvature, astigmatism occurs.

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