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How to care my wraparound Prescription Sunglasses?

I just ordered my wraparound prescription sunglasses, how can I care them so that they won't get scratched easily?

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  • Brooke

    The way to care wraparound prescription sunglasses is much similar with the normal eyeglasses. Gently folding the sunglass frame from the left. Do not take off sunglasses with a single hand. It is easy to make the sunglasses frame deform. Do not put the sunglasses frame under the sunshine for a long time. Cover the sunglasses with cloth when you do not use and put into the glasses cases.
  • Sally

    For wraparound prescription sunglasses, most people would hang it over head when they don't use it. This can easily cause it to be pulled apart or cracked up. You should put it in the sunglasses case. Also you should not put it directly in the handbag in case it may get scratched by keys or other hard things.
  • lampo

    Wraparound Prescription Sunglasses, just like normal eyeglasses, are easy to get scratched. So you'd better not use your nails to remove the taint on the surface of your wraparound prescription sunglasses lenses. Another point you should remember that you should not put your wraparound prescription sunglasses in a hot environment, such as in a car or under the sunshine, which will make the sunglasses deformed.

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