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What type of glasses are considered classic glasses?

I am looking for some classic glasses that would not go out of style. What type of glasses are considered classic glasses?
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  • Benjamin gary

    There are seceral types of classic glasses. I know two of them. One is classic Aviator glasses. Speaking of classic glasses, aviator glasses are the very item we can't neglect. If you are into aviator style or aviator sunglasses, you can set your hands on classic aviator glasses. The second one is classic wayfarer glasses. These classic wayfarer glasses will boast your image up to a greater level.
  • walkerpaul

    The hot type of classic glasses is round eyeglasses. round glasses are also typical types of classic eyewear like John Lennon round glasses. Classic round glasses are the ones you can lay your hands on. You will find this kind of glasses in many optical stores.
  • Jackson raphael

    There are several styles of classic sunglasses: Ray-Ban 3025 Large Aviator; Audrey Hepburn sunglasses; Ray-Ban Wayfare sunglassesr; I think you will love them.

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