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Forgot to take contact lenses out and now have cloudy vision?

i forgot to take my contact lenses out last night and now i can see everything but they are like a fog. Do I need to see doctor? Will it go away naturally?
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  • creatingme


    You need to see a doctor or an optician soon. One of my friend often forgot to get contact lenses out and ended up losing the sight in one eye through infection. It may not be that serious, but you should pay much attention to it.
  • Jacob adams


    You should not wait it to go away naturally. Stop wearing contacts and see a doctor soon. You are getting a corneal edema because there isn't enough oxygen to the cornea when they are worn overnight.
  • Ryan warren


    Do you get other symptoms? If you only get cloudy vision, you can wait for a few hours to see whether it will go away or not. If you still have cloudy vision then, you should see your optomitrist as quickly as possible and just explain your problem to your doctor.