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What kind of reading glasses frame look cute?

I have no idea about what kind of reading eyeglasses frame look cute on me. i have black hair and eyes. my face is oval shape

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  • elbcoastboy

    Personally,your shape of the glasses should select Rectangle or Square since your face is oval shape.I dont know what color you should wear because I don't known your color of your skin. I like purple,pink,and dark red better.
  • Connor nelson

    Oval face is the most balanced face. To maintain the balance of your face, the frame of Reading glasses should be neither too small nor too big and it's better to be wider than the widest part of your face.
  • Alissa

    As we know, An oval face is the most well-balanced of all face shapes. So if you have an oval face, you can wear any frame type of reading glasses. And the color should depend on your skin color and your preference.
  • emptypayphone

    An oval face is longer than it is wide. Using a frame that has vertical height will make the face appear shorter and well balanced. Look for frames that are deep from top to bottom, this covers a portion of the extended cheeks.

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