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What do aviator glasses look like?

What do aviator glasses look like? What is the characterized style for aviator glasses?
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  • walgreens_1

    Aviator glasses come into our sight because of Douglas McArthur who was photographed in Aviators in WWII. And now, most of eyeglasses of Ray Ban are made in aviator glasses. Compared with common glasses, aviator glasses have two bars on the nose bridges. If you want to look what aviator glasses look like, just search in it Google images. Here you can see:
  • Andrea

    Aviators sunglasses are developed by the eyewear company Ray-Ban in 1937. aviator sunglasses are often made up of thin wire frames often in black or gold, and large dark lenses. Some aviator sunglasses have reflective lenses instead of dark lenses. The traditional glasses and sunglasses have flat lenses while aviator glasses have lenses that bulge outward slightly which are called bulging lenses. This unique design of aviator glasses allow them to cover large area of the eye so that they can give eyes more protection.

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